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Women Colleagues

About Our Team

Fulbright, Lane & Stamper, LLC was founded by three dedicated friends united by a common vision: to offer unparalleled accounting services to individuals and small businesses. Kamela, Tomeka, and Shannon forged their professional journey at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, where they all pursued degrees in Accounting, culminating in the attainment of their Bachelor's of Science Degrees.


Driven by a shared commitment to continuous growth, each of them furthered their education by earning Master's Degrees with concentrations in Accounting, Business Administration, and Public Administration. The trio's academic achievements laid the foundation for their comprehensive understanding of financial management and business strategies.


In 2019, recognizing the strength of their collective expertise in accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and business acumen, Kamela, Tomeka, and Shannon joined forces to establish Fulbright, Lane & Stamper, LLC. This dynamic firm was born out of their passion to address the specific needs of individuals, small businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Fulbright, Lane & Stamper, LLC is committed to delivering excellence in service, leveraging their extensive knowledge, skills, and abilities to empower and support their clients. With a customer-centric approach, FLS aims to be a trusted partner in financial success for those navigating the complexities of accounting and business management. Through their collaborative efforts and unwavering dedication, Kamela, Tomeka, and Shannon are making a significant impact in the realm of professional financial services.

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